energy renovation of buildings

With a heat-insulating facade system, you save on heating costs and improve living comfort. Complete thermal protection or heat-insulating facade system is a building addition made of heat-insulating material, which is reinforced with plaster on the outside.

The heat-insulating facade system consists of glue, heat-insulating facade panel, fixing anchor, base and finishing plaster.

Thermal protection protects against heat losses through the outer envelope of the building and thus affects the reduction of heating costs. As a result, the investment costs are amortized quickly.

The facade system protects your building and ensures that your walls do not crack by protecting against thermal effects (heating/cooling).

This preserves the value of the house for you and for future generations.

Energy renovation or renovation of buildings means updating the building envelope with the aim of reducing energy consumption and heating costs.

rehabilitation of monumental protected buildings

Our company specializes in the restoration of facades and roofs for buildings that are protected as cultural heritage.

The owners of the building, which is protected as cultural heritage, must obtain the consent of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (ZVKDS), where all the guidelines for restoration are described in detail, and prepare a high-quality inventory of the works within the scope of the rehabilitation, before starting work. Usually, an inspection by the experts of the restoration center is also necessary for a qualitative assessment of the condition

In order to prepare a high-quality inventory of works, we must determine the actual state of damage to plasters (base and structural plasters, cap and intermediate cornices, frames, pilasters, columns, stucco…), the causes of these damages (sloping, dampness of the walls due to non-insulation of the foundation walls) during the inspection of the facade , subsidence and the like) and determine the method of rehabilitation with suitable special materials, where necessary, and wherever possible, we use materials that are as similar as possible to the appearance and composition of the original ones. We also determine the condition of the joinery, where we can decide to restore the old windows (replacement of damaged wooden parts, repair of fittings, sealing, painting) or to replace them with complete copies of the previous ones.

We must also inspect the condition of the roof, structure, roofing and plumbing products, both on the roof and on the facade. Last but not least, the chimneys also belong to the renovation, because we have to check their usefulness, and if necessary, we also remove them. Due to wear and tear, we often determine the static stability of balconies, and if necessary, we make a static calculation for additional reinforcement or a complete replacement of the structures. For a perfect final look, we pay special attention to the production of all the underground wiring that is usually visible in older buildings (electronic wiring, cable wiring, telephony), and all advertising boards, signboards, lampshades, flag consoles and other external accessories must also be manufactured and replaced. , and we have to imagine the entire renovation in terms of a holistic image.


Do you have an idea for your house or business premises, but you don’t know how to realize it?

Do you have projects but do not yet have a contractor to build your new home or business space?

Or is your home just in need of renovations? Would you like to increase the space and update the interior of your apartment or house with the latest trends in construction?

Contact us and we will help you reach your goal.
We carry out construction and installation work for all types of construction:

  • construction work
  • external arrangements
  • sewage
  • printing works
  • drywall works
  • roofing works
  • parquetry works
  • ceramic works
  • facade works
  • painting works
  • mechanical and electrical installation work

The company INEKO realizes your dream home or business premises from the foundation to the roof and the finalization of the building.
All work is carried out professionally and in accordance with the rules of the profession. Based on your wishes, we prepare a correct offer.


Professional supervision over the construction, adaptation, reconstruction of demanding and undemanding buildings.

  • we conduct high-quality and independent supervision of the construction in accordance with the project documentation – professionally, according to valid technical norms and standards, according to the principle of good management,
  • we take care of the optimization of the construction project and, as a result, we take care of financial savings, provided that the optimization does not affect the quality of the project implementation.
  • we take care of the quality of the work performed by subcontractors and contractors of individual works and construction phases of the investment, and we coordinate the work between contractors and subcontractors,
  • we monitor the course of the planned construction investment and inform the investor of any changes on an ongoing basis,
  • we take care of the control of built-in materials, equipment, devices and installations,
  • we take care of monitoring the implementation of regulations that require proven control of the quality of installed materials,
  • we make sure that the facility is implemented in accordance with the project documentation and in accordance with the financial and term plan of the investor
  • we carry out a control of the calculation of the performed works,
  • we ensure that the contractor keeps the prescribed documentation,
  • we prepare all documentation for technical inspection and obtain a use permit.


Based on the knowledge and many years of experience of our colleagues and partners, we offer you professional implementation, supervision and consulting in the field of construction. We also offer you comprehensive solutions for solving all kinds of problems that the client faces when implementing projects in the construction industry.


We specialize in the implementation of energy rehabilitation of buildings, and buildings protected by the Institute for Cultural Heritage should be added.





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