Professional CONTROL

Professional supervision over the construction, adaptation, reconstruction of demanding and undemanding buildings.

  • we conduct high-quality and independent supervision of the construction in accordance with the project documentation – professionally, according to valid technical norms and standards, according to the principle of good management,
  • we take care of the optimization of the construction project and, as a result, we take care of financial savings, provided that the optimization does not affect the quality of the project implementation.
  • we take care of the quality of the work performed by subcontractors and contractors of individual works and construction phases of the investment, and we coordinate the work between contractors and subcontractors,
  • we monitor the course of the planned construction investment and inform the investor of any changes on an ongoing basis,
  • we take care of the control of built-in materials, equipment, devices and installations,
  • we take care of monitoring the implementation of regulations that require proven control of the quality of installed materials,
  • we make sure that the facility is implemented in accordance with the project documentation and in accordance with the financial and term plan of the investor
  • we carry out a control of the calculation of the performed works,
  • we ensure that the contractor keeps the prescribed documentation,
  • we prepare all documentation for technical inspection and obtain a use permit.

Our secondary activity is the marketing of quality system building materials. We mainly specialize in the supply of the following.

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